Sarah Brooke

Bikini Pro-Style Rematch!
VeVe Lane Dominates Sarah Brooke
March 2017

female wrestling

female wrestling

Sarah Brooke is back in town, and she's crusin' for a brusin'! She's challenged the Champ VeVe Lane to a pro-style rematch. Obviously she forgot how VeVe smashed her last time. It's been a while! Well, this time, VeVe will give her a dose of pro-style punishment she'll never forget!

VeVe is on a mission, and over the course of 3 rounds, she completely dismantles Sarah Brooke with hold after devastating hold... and especially emphasizing lifting holds. Sarah has no chance against the Champ's rampage!

VeVe tortures Sarah with: the Torture Rack carry (2x), the Ceiling Hold (3x), Stretch Muffler, body slam lifts, the Sharpshooter, Fireman's Carry, Scorpion Crosslock, Camel Clutch, Porch Swing, Boston Crab, over-the-knee Backbreaker, standing headscissor, DragonSleeper, softening strikes and kicks, and roll up pins, until Sarah must at last give in and submit. Ah ha! And VeVe celebrates over the twice-defeated Sarah Brooke with a victory pose sequence. She'll remember that one, for sure!

Running Time: 23 minutes

1280x720. 4 mbps. Primarily full body angles, with occasional close ups.

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