Short Squeeze
Short Squeeze

VeVe Lane Dominates Short Squeeze
Pro-Style Mixed Wrestling
December 2023

VeVe Dominates Short Squeeze

VeVe Dominates Short Squeeze

Newcomer Short Squeeze is light and petite and *quite* flexible. And that's just a pure delight for local champ VeVe Lane. Short Squeeze thinks he has what it takes to challenge the champ, but he just winds up back-bent, hoisted into the air, and totally put through the wringer in this pro-style domination bout!

Poor Short Squeeze doesn't stand a chance, as VeVe manhandles him with the greatest of ease. She completely dominates him with a variety of lifts and flexibility-testing holds, including the following:

The Over-the-Shoulder Carry, Body Slam, T-Rack lift (x2), Boston Crab, Camel Clutch (x2), Scorpion Crosslock (x2), Porch Swing (x2), Full Nelson, Over-the-Knee Back-breaker, grapevine pin, Reverse Romero (x2), Stretch Muffler, Matchbook Pin, Sharpshooter, Ceiling Hold (x2), Atomic Drop, and Lotus Lock. Plus softening blows and plenty of heel-ish trash talk and taunting!

Short Squeeze is simply not strong enough to stop VeVe from putting him in hold after hold. He can only moan in dismay and struggle weakly in her clutches; he has no chance of escaping on his own! And VeVe is quite pleased to stretch him to the limit making him submit over and over again. At last, with a very decisive victory, she enjoys a long victory pose over her thoroughly devastated would-be challenger.

Pro-Style Wrestling. Heel and jobber dynamic. VeVe wears a spandex leotard. Short Squeeze wears spandex shorts. 1080 Full HD.

Full Video Duration: 23 minutes

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