Sugar Diamond

VeVe Dominates Sugar Diamond
Pro-Style Female Wrestling
January 2023

veve dominates sugar diamond

veve dominates sugar diamond

Sugar Diamond may be strong, fast, and super flexible, but local champ VeVe Lane puts this athletic newcomer through the wringer in this pro-style wrestling domination match!

The ladies hit the mats with lots of energy, decked out in their shiny thong leotards. VeVe seizes the upper hand and proceeds to test Sugar's impressive flexibility with a variety of back-bending and leg-spreading holds over the course of three rounds. Holds include:

The Boston Crab (x4), Camel Clutch (x3), Porch Swing (x2), Bow & Arrow (x2), Stretch Muffler (x2), Matchbook Pin, Lotus Lock, Full Nelson, Venus Flytrap, Surf Board, kneeling Surf Board, Over-the-Knee Back-Breaker, Sharp Shooter, TortureRack Lift, Standing headscissors... plus softening moves, like takedowns, Atomic Drops, and body hits!

Sugar tries to struggle free from VeVe's holds, groaning, squirming, and straining, but she's quite stuck. To make matters worse, VeVe taunts and trash talks as she has Sugar trapped. Sugar holds out as best she can, answering back to VeVe's trash talk, despite her plight.

But, at last, VeVe catches her with such a devastating hold that Sugar must finally submit! And though Sugar is disgruntled by her loss, VeVe gladly celebrates over her with a victory pose!

Pro-Style Wrestling Domination. Both ladies wear thong leotards, with bare legs. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 22 minutes

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