SuperGirl Misty Bent and Bullied!
Pro-style Domination w/ VeVe Lane
October 2017

Misty Lovelace

Misty Lovelace

SuperGirl Misty Lovelace is just too perfect, too powerful, and too used to winning. VeVe is sick and tired of Misty's super powers always giving her the edge when it comes to heroine vs heroine showdowns. And so, with a little Krypto dust secretly stashed in her gloves, VeVe sets out to humble her super rival...

Self-assured SuperGirl squares off against VeVe, confident and arrogant as any flawless superheroine could be. But she quickly finds herself in a world of trouble as soon she comes into contact with VeVe's Krypto dust! Super Misty's arrogance is suddenly wiped away, replaced with complete distress and helplessness, as VeVe takes advantage and puts poor Super Misty through the wringer!

With her strength sapped, Super Misty can do little more than groan in pain, cry out indignantly, and suffer body-contorting humiliation as VeVe tortures her with a variety of pro-style wrestling holds to push her flexibility to the limit. The Camel Clutch, Lotus Lock, Matchbook Pin, Roll Up Pin, over-the-shoulder carry, Boston Crab, Stretch Muffler kneeling Surf Board, facesitting, headscissors, Bow & Arrow, Texas Cloverleaf, Pretzel Hold, grapevine, sleeperhold, as well as hairpulling, body clawing, and continual teasing and taunting. At last, with the formerly "perfect" superheroine humiliatingly defeated, VeVe celebrates with a victory pose.

Total running time: 23 minutes

Pro-style domination. Misty wears boots, Ultra-Shimmery suntan tights, SuperGirl leotard and skirt. VeVe wears stiletto heel leather boots, fishnet tights, thong leotard.

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misty lovelace misty lovelace misty lovelace
misty lovelace misty lovelace misty lovelace
misty lovelace misty lovelace misty lovelace

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