Punch Out!
VeVe Lane and Frankie
June 2017

mixed fighting

VeVe and Frankie battle it out in this knock-down-drag-out punching slug-fest! Frankie doesn't think a little girl like VeVe's got what it takes to trade punches with him; her arms are nice, but his are even bigger. But VeVe's tough, and she boasts she can knock Frankie flat without a problem. Well, let's get it on!

This mixed fighting scenario features athletic and vigorous stage combat with punches, kicks, and knees to the face and belly. Primary emphasis on punches to the face and belly. Over the course of the fight, VeVe puts Frankie out 3 times. Both VeVe and Frankie striking at each other. Exaggerated reactions to hits. Grunts of exertion, groans, and occasional trash talk. After his 2nd knock-down, Frankie's strength starts to wane, and VeVe pummels him one-sidedly until he hits the floor again. She finishes him with belly punches and celebrates her victory.

Total running time: 17 minutes

Fast and furious Fantasy stage combat. Both VeVe and Frankie give and receive hits. Frankie wears a tight white t-shirt for first 2/3 of the video, then removes it for final 1/3. 1280x720. 6 mbps.

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punch out punch out punch out
punch out punch out punch out
punch out punch out punch out

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