Indra, Female Session Wrestler

Python Bondage Struggle
VeVe Lane and Indra
September 2015

VeVe and Indra

VeVe and Indra

Inspired by the "Python and Prey" series, VeVe and Indra present the Python Bondage Struggle. Here, not only does predatory VeVe use her arms and legs as "body bondage" to trap her prey, but she also uses rope to keep poor little Indra thoroughly helpless in her clutches...

Python VeVe stalks Indra on the mats, quickly pouncing, wrapping her legs around and controlling her prey from behind. But as Indra struggles to escape, VeVe snatches up a rope and binds Indra's wrists behind her back. Then despite Indra's complaints, VeVe grabs her from behind once again. Her panic increasing, Indra rolls desperately attempting to break free. But VeVe stays tight on Indra's back, teasing and taunting, with legs wrapped around. With Indra's arms bound, she's also defenseless against VeVe's hand smothering, and the python shuts her prey up with a tight clutch until she's incapacitated.

Indra recovers to find herself mummified with ropes - bound from shoulders to ankles - and cleave gagged! Groaning in distress, she rolls around the ground for several minutes as she tries to struggle free. But she makes little progress, and VeVe returns to put an end to her attempts! VeVe again grabs the mummified Indra from behind, removing her gag and teasing with more hand smothering. Indra struggles and protests, but VeVe is unshakable. VeVe soon traps Indra with a final hand-over-mouth embrace, until her bound prey is still at last.

Total running time: 16 minutes

Scene 1: Indra hands bound (8 min). Scene 2. Indra mummified (8 min).

HD 1280x720, 4 mbps.

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veve and indra veve and indra veve and indra
veve and indra veve and indra veve and indra

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