Cypruss vs Hanz
Smooth Wrestling into Python Domination
December 2017

cypruss allure

cypruss allure

Close camera, tight framing. Semi-competitive style wrestling, slow and smooth with rolling and reversals. Each wrestler taking small, occasional forays into "Python & Prey" territory: wrapping the opponent from behind, periodic attempts at hand smothering. Testing each other. The match goes on...

Cypruss smiles throughout, quietly amused and gradually discovering she particularly enjoys when she gets into position to deliver a hand smother. As the match progresses, she becomes even more inspired by the "Python & Prey" style, taking Hanz's back more often, trying out even more hand smothering, and whispering menacingly to him. In fact, she decides to not let him go once she's got him wrapped up, turning the once-mutual match much more into a "Python & Prey" scene. Then come even more smiles and hand smothers from Cypruss. But she doesn't stop there: she wraps her legs around his head and rolls him about at her leisure.

She eventually returns him to her "python" embrace, wrapping him from behind, and lays in again with her hand smother. And she holds on, still grinning, until her opponent-turned-prey is still at last.

Total running time: 23 minutes

Smooth wrestling over the course of the first 14 minutes, until Cypruss fully embraces her "python" mode for the rest of the piece. 1280x720. 4 mbps.

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cypruss allure cypruss allure cypruss allure
cypruss allure cypruss allure cypruss allure
cypruss allure cypruss allure cypruss allure

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