Rachel DD
Rachel DD

Python & Prey: Male Dom
Howl and Rachel DD
February 2017

howl and rachel

howl and rachel

Howl returns to his role of seductively primal predator as we revisit the male domination theme in our Python & Prey series. Blonde and buxom Rachel DD portrays Howl's helpless and fearful prey in this set of 2 varied scenes. Both scenes feature Howl stalking and menacing Rachel on the mats, with Howl pouncing, controlling Rachel from behind, and tormenting her with neck grabbing and hand-over-mouth smothers. In her desperate predicament, Rachel finds her bra top is unable to contain her, but with Howl controlling her, there's nothing she can do about it.

The 2 scenes follow a similar progression, but they differ as follows:

Scene 1: Rachel has bare legs. Longer "stalking" portion, as Howl and Rachel crawl on the mats, Howl butting into her, taking her down, letting her up again. After about 4 minutes, he grabs Rachel from behind and keeps her on the ground, alternating arm around her neck and hand over her mouth.

Scene 2: Rachel in sheer black pantyhose. Howl takes Rachel to the ground quickly and keeps her down, controlling her from behind and tormenting her with more hand-over-mouth action than in scene 1.

In both scenes, when Howl controls Rachel from behind, he wraps his legs around her, keeping his face close to hers. Rachel gradually weakens from the hand smothering and physical control, until she can go on no longer. Sensual yet menacing.

Total running time: 16 minutes

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howl and rachel howl and rachel howl and rachel
howl and rachel howl and rachel howl and rachel
howl and rachel howl and rachel howl and rachel

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