Andrea Rosu

Python and Prey: Andrea Rosu and Frankie
White / Sheer Black Nylons
April 2016

Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu

Andrea Rosu presents her elegant contribution to our "Python and Prey" series, featuring Frankie as her unfortunate victim... This version presents 2 scenes: The 1st with Andrea in white tights, the 2nd with her in sheer black pantyhose. Frankie's behavior also varies between the scenes.

Smooth and sensual, Andrea stalks Frankie along the mats. Frankie darts from corner to corner, but Andrea simply smiles and tracks him easily, until her moment to pounce... She drives him down and wraps him up, and there's no escaping her. She wraps her legs around him from behind, whispering menacingly, until a hand-over-mouth smother stills her prey at last.

Scene 1: White Tights. Once Andrea catches Frankie, he becomes docile, sedate, stunned while in her clutches. More emphasis on hand-over-mouth pose when Andrea holds Frankie from behind.
Scene 2: Sheer Black. Frankie offers more active struggle while in Andrea's clutches. More emphasis on legs climbing up body. Hand-over-mouth primarily at end of scene.

Total running time: 19 minutes

Smooth, athletic domination. Andrea wears bra, thong, pantyhose.

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Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu
Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu
Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu Andrea Rosu

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