Asia Perez

Python and Prey: 2 F/F Scenes
VeVe, Asia Perez, Vika
August 2016

female wrestling

female wrestling

A new Female/Female edition in our Python and Prey series. Here VeVe Lane plays the menacingly inescapable Python in 2 separate scenes, the first featuring the petite Asia Perez as the Prey, and the second featuring glamorous newcomer Vika as the Prey.

In each scene, smiling Python VeVe stalks her timid prey and then pounces! As her prey rolls and struggles, VeVe stays close, easily overpowering her frightened victim with superior strength and skill, while wrapping her nylon-clad legs around.

The helpless prey squirms, squeals, and moans in desperation, but once she's in the Python's clutches, there is no escape. Enwrapping her prey from behind, VeVe runs her feet along her prey's legs and body, flexing and stretching her toes, controlling with her feet and legs. She torments her prey with hand-other-mouth smothering, enjoying the game, until a final hand smother lays her prey still at last.

In Scene 1 with Asia, VeVe wears grey nylon stirrup tights (toes exposed). Asia is 5' and 92 lbs, wears bikini. In Scene 2 with Vika, VeVe wears sheer black pantyhose. Vika is 5'10" and 130 lbs, wears bikini. (note, in Scene 2, VeVe's hose get a run in the hip area, which is not exposed much). In addition to tights, VeVe wears thong & bikini top.

Total running time: 15 minutes

Smooth, domination-style wrestling. 1280x720, 4 mbps
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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

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