VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane
Indra, Female Session Wrestler

Python and Prey
VeVe Lane and Indra
December 2014

Doom Maidens

The Python, VeVe, stalks vulnerable little Indra on the mats, finding just the right moment to pounce and wrap her legs around her prey! Smiling menacingly, VeVe controls Indra from behind, trapping her with body triangles and back grabs. Indra struggles and rolls, but VeVe holds tight. The two roll continuously across the mats, VeVe keeping her legs wrapped around Indra from behind, her body pressed closely, and gently whispering to her prey.

Trapped in the Python's grasp, Indra eventually loses strength and her resistance totally fails. VeVe maintains her body triangle and places her hand over Indra's mouth to keep her still. VeVe whispers softly, her face pressed close to Indra's, until finally her prey is still at last.

Two versions available:
1. FULL Version (15 minutes)
This video features two repeated 7-minute scenes: Scene 1 with VeVe wearing black sheer pantyhose. Scene 2 with VeVe's legs bare.
2. Scene 1 Only (8 minutes)
Only the scene with VeVe wearing black sheer pantyhose.

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Smooth, domination-style wrestling.

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