Queen Beth
Queen Beth

Queen Beth vs Mark
Competitive Mixed Wrestling
October 2018

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

Mark, aka "Short Fuse Mark," has a reputation for getting himself into tough situations with bad-ass women. But when he showed up at the studio today, he had no idea he'd be facing off against the wrestling whirlwind that is Queen Beth.

Crossfit athlete Queen Beth came into the studio totally pumped up and ready to go -- as always! Super fit and full of energy, she'd just come from working out and was revved up and eager to hit the mats. Despite Beth's obvious athleticism, Mark refused to be intimidated and gestured Beth to bring it on. And bring it on she did, and in her favorite way: Hard!

Beth comes at Mark with aggressive full force, but despite his wimpy body, Mark is determined to fight back. He holds on as best he can and tries hard to fight his way to the top, but Queen Beth is a fitness beast, with strength and stamina that blows Mark away. Beth attacks hard and non-stop: she wraps her arms and legs around Mark's neck for all sorts of triangles; she attacks his arms and shoulders with armbars, key locks, and hammer locks; and she just keeps coming and coming with unfaltering explosive power.

Mark pushes himself to keep up, but his own fatigue hits him as hard as Beth does. Whenever he stops to catch his breath, Queen Beth pushes him to keep fighting. But where Mark's body fails him, Queen Beth is totally unphased and unstoppably strong... and she enjoys taking her spent opponent into the Punishment Round!

Queen Beth: 5'8" and 155 lbs.
Mark: 5'10" and 150 lbs.

Two 10-minute rounds, 5-minute Punishment Round. Punishment Round includes: headscissors, triangles, facesitting, hammerlock, other holds, teasing, and victory poses.

Total running time: 29 minutes

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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