Saharra Huxly

Queen of Pantyhose Encounters Bad-Ass Saharra
VeVe Lane and Saharra Huxly
August 2018

female wrestling

In this episode of VeVe Lane's Queen of Pantyhose saga: the Queen, having recently suffered a defeat at the hands of a mysterious wrestler from an underground fight club, sets out to infiltrate that very club and learn their secrets. But first, she has to get past the gate keeper: Bad-Ass Saharra.

Clad in her seamless red pantyhose, the Queen tangles with the Gate Keeper on the mats -- no rules and no referee, with the fight only ending when someone admits defeat. The Queen holds up admirably against the much bigger Gate Keeper... until Saharra brings her bad-ass boot into the mix to daze the Queen. Oh no!

Dazed, the Queen takes a pounding, suffering numerous crotch blows, coupled with body blows, intense wedgies, and wrestling holds. But the Queen will not admit defeat! And when all looks dark, after even more crotch the Queen seizes her opportunity to turn the tables and punishes Saharra with a sudden come-back.

Back-footed and shocked, Saharra suffers the Queen's sudden barrage and finally must submit when her crotch-striking ways are turned against her. The Queen wins her way into the underground club, but but she and her mighty foe both collapse from the ordeal!

Total running time: 25 minutes

Fantasy Wrestling. Full body views at all times. Strong emphasis on Queen VeVe's legs spread and in crotch-exposing positions. The Queen is dazed for more than half the match. VeVe wears seamless red pantyhose and red bra. Saharra wears slightly ripped control top grey pantyhose and pleather top (and one black ankle brace). The red pantyhose get some slight tears during the match. This video is 1920x1080. 60 fps. 7 mbps.

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