Lia Labowe

Risky Business!
Lia Labowe and VeVe Lane
December 2014

Bondage Scenario

Bondage Scenario

Undercover agent Lia Labowe takes on a risky assignment: she must infiltrate a female slave trading ring, going in unarmed and alone, in order to bring down the boss, the nefarious Mistress VeVe.

VeVe disguises her business as an exclusive health club to lure in desirable targets, so Lia applies for a job as a personal trainer. But when Lia arrives for her interview, an informant has already tipped VeVe off to Lia's plan, and the mistress is ready. VeVe feigns interest in Lia's martial arts background and asks for a demonstration. The ladies strip to their bikinis and hit the mats where VeVe uses foul play to incapacitate the unsuspecting agent...

When Lia recovers, she finds herself lying face-down, helplessly bound at the ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows, with her arms secured behind her back to a crotch rope. She struggles and groans, but she can barely move. She's at VeVe's mercy when the arrogant villain returns to gloat and interrogate her new captive. Lia bravely refuses to talk, so VeVe decides to move her to a secure location where she can employ more "persuasive" questioning techniques. She gags Lia with a cleave gag, hefts her over her shoulder, and carries the agent off to her headquarters.

At the headquarters, we discover Lia bound on the floor, hogtied and cleave gagged. VeVe removes the gag and resumes the interrogation, taunting, bullying, belly punching, and torturing her captive's vulnerable bare feet. Lia groans and cries out, but still she refuses to talk.

We next find Lia bound to a chair, her legs stretched in front of her and bound to a second chair. Her bare feet are exposed and she is now blindfolded. VeVe tortures Lia further, using a riding crop on her feet and body. Lia seems to be weakening under the continued abuse, and VeVe sees an opportunity. She leaves to get the tool that will finally break the agent, but in fact Lia has found a loose knot to work on… When VeVe returns, Lia is gone! Or is she...? As VeVe scowls, Lia suddenly jumps her in a surprise attack! The women fall to the floor in a tangle of limbs, wrestling and squeezing, until Lia gains the upper hand and incapacitates the sadistic mistress. Now for a taste of justice…

VeVe recovers to find herself bound in a ball tie, with wrists to ankles, knees bound, shoulders bound, and a duct tape gag. Lia appears, riding crop in hand, to taunt and torment her former captor. VeVe puts up an arrogant display, but she is totally helpless as Lia pushes her around, harasses her with the crop, ungags and re-gags her, binds her big toes, and then leaves her to be discovered by the authorities. Alone, VeVe struggles hard to escape, but she can't slip a single rope. The tables have been turned!

Total running time: 35 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
VeVe wears black leather thigh-high boots, halter top, mini skirt over thong (boots and skirt removed for final tie). Lia wears black bikini. All rope bondage (tying not performed on camera). Cleave and duct tape gags. Fantasy style wrestling.

Selected Screen Stills:
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling

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