Andrea Rosu

Rival Agent Bondage Caper
VeVe Lane and Andrea Rosu
May 2015

andrea rosu

andrea rosu

On a mission to steal secret data from a rival organization, Agent VeVe tracks one of their operatives to a private resort. VeVe sneaks into the rival agent's room, captures a coveted laptop, and settles down to inspect her prize... But much to her annoyance, the laptop is password protected -- and even worse, the rival agent - Agent Andrea - has returned!

After a stand-off, the two enemy agents spring into action. They fall to the floor, wrestling in a back-and-forth struggle, until VeVe manages to incapacitate Andrea and then moves in to rope-bind her foe. We then find Agent Andrea seated on the bed, wrists bound behind her and over-the-mouth gagged (white cloth). To capitalize on the situation, VeVe decides to intimidate Andrea into giving up the password. VeVe seductively threatens and molests the distressed Andrea, who can do little more than groan helplessly through her gag. Despite VeVe's efforts, Andrea refuses to cooperate, and so, VeVe drags her bound-and-gagged captive onto the floor and tortures her with a variety of punishing wrestling holds.

After so much rough treatment, Andrea finally concedes and confesses the password. Pleased with her success, VeVe replaces Andrea's cloth gag with a duct tape gag and then takes the laptop into the next room to begin the data theft. But with VeVe away and distracted, Andrea makes her escape! And when VeVe swaggers arrogantly back into the room, Andrea ambushes her! Andrea knocks her surprised rival to the floor, crushing her with wrestling holds and taunting her all the while.

At long last, Andrea squeezes VeVe into submission and then binds her wrists behind her back. But just as Andrea duct tape gags VeVe, the door opens and suddenly both agents find themselves in trouble... they're ambushed by a 3rd operative (male voice from off-screen).

In our next and final scene, we find both rival agents bound together back-to-back on the bed, both stripped down to only their bras and panties. With their wrists bound behind them, their knees bound, ankles bound, and gagged with duct tape, Agents VeVe and Andrea must (grudgingly!) work together to squirm their way to freedom. They squiggle, struggle, squeal, and groan, but try as they might, they just can't get free... and the laptop has been stolen!

Total running time: 42 minutes

VeVe wears shiny black latex top and pants combo. Andrea wears black thong leotard (bare legs). Both in bra and panties in Final Scene.
Bondage used is wrists rope-bound behind back, with gag (cloth over-the-mouth or duct tape), except for double-bondage Final Scene as described above.

HD 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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andrea rosu andrea rosu andrea rosu
andrea rosu andrea rosu andrea rosu
andrea rosu andrea rosu andrea rosu

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