Short Squeeze
Short Squeeze
Authentic M
Authentic M

2-on-1 Mixed Bondage Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Short Squeeze & Authentic M
February 2024

VeVe attempts the second-ever, 2-vs-1 mixed bondage wrestling match of her career! To keep things close to fair, VeVe is the more experienced bondage wrestling practitioner, and each of her competitors are individually smaller than she is: VeVe: 5'4", 125 lbs., Short Squeeze: 5'5", 115 lbs., Authentic M: 5'2", 125 lbs.

But they still have double the numbers, and the guys get a chance to discuss their strategy before the match begins.

When the two teams dive into action, it's a full-on battle! At times the wrestlers frantically pounce, flip, and roll each other, and at others they get entangled, gruelingly hauling on the ropes.

As the smallest wrestler, poor Short Squeeze is sometimes a little overwhelmed, even getting stuck underneath as M and VeVe battle on top of him! And Authentic M is hugely exuberant, barreling into the fight, fearlessly refusing to give up even in some desperate moments, and wearing a big grin throughout.

The guys put in a great team effort, often rescuing each other from tight spots and taking it in turns to try to hold VeVe down and get ropes on her.

But finally, finally VeVe prevails! She manages to tie the elbows of both her challengers, and from there, she's free to work them both into tidy hogties. She rolls them together to make a nice matching set, knots a pair of handkerchief cleave gags in their mouths, and enjoys a series of well-earned, very satisfied victory poses.

VeVe wears a bikini; the men wear sport shorts / leggings. 1080 Full HD

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