Bella Ink

3-Way Bondage Escape and Attack
Bella Ink, Inferno, VeVe Lane
August 2018

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

VeVe Lane, Bella Ink, and Inferno present a competitive bondage escape-and-attack challenge! These 3 energetic competitors all start off identically hogtied (no gags to start), face down on the floor.

The Rules: When they get the start signal, the ladies must race to fully escape their ropes, as quickly as possible. Whoever escapes first must then run over and completely stop the escape attempts of the other competitor(s), using her ropes to fully immobilize whoever is lagging behind in the escape attempt. But reality is never quite so simple...

How It Goes: Inferno manages to slip her bonds first, as Bella and VeVe continue to struggle in agitation. Inferno faces the dilemma of splitting focus between VeVe and Bella, trying to contain them both. But as Inferno is distracted, Bella escapes and attacks her. BUT while Bella and Inferno clash, VeVe finally manages to escape and join the fray. Inferno and Bella form a spontaneous alliance, and VeVe suddenly finds herself in an unexpected 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match against them!

VeVe fights a valiant fight against the tenacious double-team of Inferno and Bella. VeVe works her ropes and gives it her all, but Bella is physically ferocious and Inferno is quick with her ties. The double-team distracts the Rope Queen sufficiently and, after a long struggle, manages to catch her in a very efficient, if unconventional, immobilizing tie. VeVe is indignant and shakes her head, shocked at how effectively the ladies were able to surprise her with this unusual bind. Inferno and Bella gloat and taunt VeVe, gag her with Vet Wrap, and then enjoy a victory pose.

Total running time: 27 minutes

(All ladies wear bikinis. Final Tie: frog tie legs, arms in front, many supporting ropes, Vet Wrap Gag)

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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