Bella Ink

VeVe Lane vs Bella Ink
Female Bondage Wrestling
August 2017

bella ink

bella ink

Bella Ink took the glory as the winner of LAST year's 8-way bondage free-for-all bout (2016). She had her moment to bask in victory then, even posing over VeVe while celebrating over the pile of bound ladies. Also last year, Bella defeated VeVe in a bondage escape challenge as well. But THIS year, VeVe came hunting for Bella, ropes in hand, to challenge Bella to a one-on-one bondage match. Bella is a spunky fighter and down to rumble. She knows the Rope Queen has got it in for her, but she's going to give it her best!

As the ladies hit the mats, Bella puts up a commendable resistance to VeVe relentless rope attacks. But as Bella struggles and groans to stay in the game, fending off her pursuer as best she can, VeVe maneuvers with expert skill, working the ropes with her quick hands, until she eventually binds Bella into a tidy hogtie. Indignant, Bella continues to groan and grit her teeth in resistance, as VeVe adds more ropes, headscissors her, facesits her, teases and taunts her, ball gags her, and then victory poses over her moaning captive.

VeVe then gives Bella 3 minutes to attempt an escape from her tight hogtie. Bella makes a worthy attempt, but, alas, she makes no progress. And so, she suffers under another victory pose by VeVe. What a payback!

Total running time: 23 minutes

Includes opening & closing comments. Final Tie: Hogtie w/ chest rope and complex arm ropes. Ball gag.

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bella ink bella ink bella ink
bella ink bella ink bella ink
bella ink bella ink bella ink

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