VeVe Lane vs Cheyenne Jewel
Female Bondage Wrestling
May 2015

Bondage Wrestling

Bondage Wrestling

For her second 2015 Las Vegas bondage wrestling match, VeVe takes on the fit and mighty Cheyenne Jewel! VeVe and Cheyenne have had several athletic and dynamic regular-wrestling matches before, but they have never bondage wrestled each other... until now. Cheyenne knows she's up against a rope-tie wrestling expert here, but she plans to go for it with all she's got!

The ladies jump into action, with Cheyenne pressing an active offensive from the start. Yet with skilled and practiced maneuvering, VeVe fends off the attacks while simultaneously working Cheyenne into a handy shoulder harness. As the ladies continue their battle, VeVe gradually secures the harness, forcing Cheyenne to fight on with limited use of her arms. Both amused and distressed by her handicap, Cheyenne does what she can to resist as VeVe moves in to bind her legs.

Next VeVe moves quickly to trap her opponent with a semi-camel clutch, putting the stretch on Cheyenne's tight shoulders and working fast to bind her at the elbows. And as Cheyenne sputters and squirms, VeVe finally wraps her into a hogtie. But that's not all - VeVe also binds Cheyenne's hair to her feet and puts a stop to her banter with a nice ball gag. Highly amused, VeVe teases her new captive and victory poses, then leaves Cheyenne to attempt an escape.

Total running time: 25 minutes
Includes pre- and post- match comments.

Final tie: Hogtie (bound ankles, knees, wrists, elbows), ball gag.

** Also available in a 2-Match combo w/ "Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Maria Queen" (see below)
High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Individual Match
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* 2-Match Combo *
Bondage Wrestling
1. VeVe vs Maria Queen
2. VeVe vs Cheyenne Jewel
Price: $20.99
File Type: MP4 only

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