VeVe Lane vs Crash Taurus
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
October 2021

VeVe Lane's 2021 mixed wrestling Challenger Series continues -- and our 4th match in this series features bondage wrestling! The Challenger Series features competitive matches with VeVe taking on "average" guys from out in the crowd. They aren't professional models or elite athletes, but rather are real, regular, every-day guys who've jumped in to try their luck against her.

(Crash Taurus requested that his face only be shown in video footage, but not in promotional still images. The circles over his face appear only in these pictures; the video does not contain the blank-out circles)

VeVe's 4th challenger is Crash Taurus, a stocky newcomer who had a particular interest in trying competitive bondage wrestling. Crash Taurus has no wrestling training and no bondage experience, but he loves watching both of art forms, and he's fascinated by the idea of combing them. Despite his inexperience, he feels that his size advantage will see him through to a possible victory. VeVe thinks that's a limited game plan, and she welcomes him to give it a try!

They hit the mats, ropes in hand, Spandex vs Nylons, both working to wrestle and tie each other. VeVe stays focused but smiles continually, using her arms and legs to control her larger opponent, not giving him a chance to get his bearings. She is both aggressive and graceful, confounding Crash Taurus, out maneuvering him, and sliding around dexterously in her sleek pantyhose.

Crash Taurus holds out as best he can, working hard to track where VeVe is, shake her off of him, and land his own ropes on her. But as the struggles goes on, VeVe gradually (and painfully) takes his limbs away. Crash Taurus grunts, groans, squiggles, and sputters, but there's nothing he can do once those ropes cinch in. And once her opponent is fully hogtie immobilized, VeVe merrily brings on a bunch of celebratory torments for him to endure: facesitting, feet in the face, making him kiss her feet, giving him a tight crotch rope, gut punching, teasing, taunting, and posing over him. At last, she finishes up by ball gagging him, giving him a chance to (unsuccessfully) struggle free, and enjoying a victory pose. A tough time for the Taurus!

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Crash Taurus: 5'9" and 225 lbs.

Final Tie: Hogtie with crotch rope and ball gag. Includes opening and closing comments. VeVe wears sheer black pantyhose and a gymnastics leotard. Crash Taurus wears a green spandex singlet. 1080 Full HD

Video Duration: 28 minutes

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** Note: By his request, Crash Taurus' face is only blanked-out in these pictures. The video does not contain the blank-out circles.

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