VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane

Bondage Squash Match
VeVe Lane vs Hazel Allure
November 2014

Bondage Squash Match

Bondage Squash Match

When visiting fetish model Hazel Allure comes to town, VeVe offers her a chance to try bondage wrestling for the first time. Hazel, however, has little competitive wrestling training and spends much more time being tied up than tying up other people. But she is eager for the challenge and excited to give it a try. The result, of course, is a considerable squash match!

VeVe gets the jump on Hazel right away and immediately realizes her immense advantage. With both strength and skill in her favor, VeVe toys with the struggling Hazel, manhandling her prey and setting up the perfect tie. VeVe locks Hazel into a tight double-elbow tie very early in the match, forcing Hazel to fight with her elbows bound behind her. Hazel resists as best she can, but she mostly flops and squirms uselessly as VeVe laughs, playfully menaces her, and moves in with more ropes.

Once she's bound Hazel's wrists behind her, VeVe takes her time to bind Hazel's legs, pinning, taunting, and bantering with her victim as Hazel grumbles "I'm screwed!" While Hazel mutters and complains, VeVe pulls her into a very strict hogtie. Continuing at her leisure and enjoying Hazel's distress, VeVe adds more ropes to the hogtie, turning the unhappy Hazel into a pretty little package. VeVe gags Hazel with several wraps of bondage tape to stop her whining and pleading, but she continues to moan and groan while gagged. VeVe proudly shows off her tight and tidy tie and hits a victory pose, as the painfully immobilized Hazel squirms and whimpers with no hope of escape!

Final Tie: Hogtie (elbows touch) w/ thigh ropes and chest ropes. Bondage tape gag.

Running time: 18 minutes
Includes opening and closing comments.

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Bondage Squash Match Bondage Squash Match Bondage Squash Match
Bondage Squash Match Bondage Squash Match Bondage Squash Match
Bondage Squash Match Bondage Squash Match Bondage Squash Match

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