VeVe Lane vs Joe
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
February 2021

veve vs joe

veve vs joe

VeVe Lane and Joe jump in for our first competitive mixed bondage wrestling match of 2021! VeVe and Joe last bondage wrestled in 2018, nearly 3 years ago, and they've come together now to see what's changed since last time. And what's the major change we all notice immediately? It's how much faster VeVe can deliver a debilitating tie!

For those new to the game: Bondage wrestling is a contest in which opponents must wrestle in a rope-filled arena, grabbing up ropes as they go and trying to immobilize each other as quickly as possible. Whoever winds up immobilizingly bound loses. And the winner may celebrate by teasing and tormenting the loser however she/he pleases.

And here: VeVe kicks off her first mixed bondage wrestle of the year while wearing her thematic Wonder Woman leotard. She comes on aggressively and doesn't give Joe a moment to get his bearings. VeVe's aggressive onslaught and tight lassoing quickly leave Joe utterly stifled by rope-bite and stymied by VeVe's classic double-elbow tie.

With Joe effectively immobilized by the painful double-elbow, VeVe casually changes the tie into a classic hogtie. VeVe and Joe banter playfully, but Joe's situation only goes from bad to worse as VeVe finishes up the hogtie. VeVe then delivers nearly 10 minutes of torments to her bound opponent: headscissors, figure-4 scissors, feet all over the face, ass smothering, and facesit smothering. She finishes him off with a ball gag and then more headscissoring, and then a triumphant victory pose.

Includes opening and closing comments. Final Tie: classic simple hogtie. Ball gag. 1080 Full HD.

Total running time: 24 minutes

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veve vs joe veve vs joe veve vs joe
veve vs joe veve vs joe veve vs joe
veve vs joe veve vs joe veve vs joe

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