VeVe Lane vs Legion
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
March 2023

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

At last, VeVe gets a chance to tangle with newcomer Legion in the bondage wrestling arena!

Adventurous Mr. Legion enjoys rough play and extreme experiences. He's young, goofy, and happy-go-lucky. And he considers himself a bit of an escape artist, even though he's only just begun to explore the world of bondage. A wanna-be escapist who thinks he likes extremes? That's a great combo to ensure that Rope Queen VeVe will put him into some tight binds...

VeVe and Legion hit the mats, grabbing their ropes and looking to wrestle-tie immobilize each other. Legion has no chance whatsoever, as VeVe maintains total control and easily out-maneuvers him. VeVe has been working on some new tie variations, which she experiments with on Legion. She catches him in several tight and painful binds. Legion is amazed and yet determined to hold out -- though his stubbornness does land him in some trouble.

VeVe eventually binds him into a tight hogtie, making his elbows nearly touch behind his back. She binds him intricately, frog tying his legs, tying his hands, giving him a snug crotch rope... While he's tightly bound, VeVe then torments him with headscissors, facesitting, feet in the face, and taunting. At last, she stuffs his mouth with a ball gag and enjoys a victory pose, while he remains thoroughly stuck.

Legion is rope-dominated by VeVe quickly and easily. He is in some degree bondage during most of the video. He's genuinely amazed by the experience. Final Tie: Hogtie with frog tied legs, chest rope, crotch rope, ropes on feet and hands. Includes candid closing comments. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 38 minutes

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veve vs blaze veve vs blaze veve vs blaze
veve vs blaze veve vs blaze veve vs blaze
veve vs blaze veve vs blaze veve vs blaze

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