VeVe Lane vs Mark
Bondage Wrestling Squash Match
December 2017

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

What?! VeVe and "ShortFuse" Mark have never had a competitive bondage wrestling match together?! Well, that had to be remedied -- the time is here! Mark's neither an athlete nor a skilled wrestler. Rather, he's just an average weak and skinny guy who tries his best. But against Rope Queen VeVe Lane, even the "best" from an average skinny guy just isn't very threatening at all...

VeVe comes in with tremendous confidence, smiling and totally in her element. She comes at Mark hard, binding him as quickly as possible, while controlling him expertly with her wrestling skills. Mark attempts to resist and fight back, but VeVe keeps him in check with rope bite pain and simply ignores his piddling offensive efforts. He never had a chance.

VeVe is mean with ropes, immobilizing Mark as much with the rope-bite as with the bonds themselves. As he grimaces in pain, she ties him strictly into a hogtie, adding more ropes once she has him at her mercy. With Mark tightly hogtied, VeVe sadistically harasses him with feet on his face and throat and in his mouth, she whips him in the crotch and belly with an extra rope, she teases and taunts him, she throat sits him, duct tape gags him, headscissors him, and merrily shows him off as her bound little package. And with Mark shut up and totally helpless, VeVe enjoys a proud victory pose.

Video Duration: 20 minutes

1280x720. 4 mbps. Mark is in bondage for more than half of the video. Final Tie: strict hogtie with reinforcing ropes. Duct tape gag.

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bondage male bondage male bondage male
bondage male bondage male bondage male
bondage male bondage male bondage male

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