VeVe Lane vs Monica Merlot
Bondage Squash Match
February 2022

bondage monica merlot

bondage monica merlot

Visiting model / wrestler Monica Merlot gets her very first taste of bondage wrestling against the Rope Queen VeVe Lane!

Monica expected she'd be in for a challenge, but she didn't expect the odds to be SO stacked against her (live and learn!). It's the ropes for you, Monica, lots and lots of them, as this bout turns out to be a total bondage squash match...

As the ladies hit the mats and work to immobilize each other with their ropes, VeVe immediately senses she has a super solid advantage. So, smiling, as Monica struggles to land a tie, VeVe near-effortlessly binds Monica into a double-elbow tie within the first minutes of the match. A double-elbow so soon? It's going to be a long, armless road ahead for Monica...

With her arms bound behind her back, Monica can do very little to keep VeVe from binding her further (except squiggle a bit). Monica is amazed and amused -- and immobilized in no time!

VeVe gradually binds Monica into a hogtie, taking her time to taunt and tease her new captive (who's come to realize just how tight her bonds are). VeVe takes her time, adding more ropes and bantering with Monica, and giving us clear views of how she's binding up Monica's body.

With Monica fully hogtied and at her mercy, VeVe then has plenty of time to inflect some bound tormen-- fun. To inflict some bound fun on her guest. From feet in the face, to headscissoring, to tickling. VeVe then binds Monica's hair to her feet with a rope, much to Monica's consternation. And lastly, a ball gag for Monica, to finish things off.

VeVe enjoys a victory pose and the gives Monica a chance to try escaping. But Monica finds she is indeed totally stuck and must gag-talk admit defeat. And with that, VeVe savors another victory pose over poor hogtied Monica.

Final Tie: Hogtie with hair tie and additional torso ropes, plus ball gag. Monica is pretty immobilized by the various binds for the majority of the video. Playful banter. VeVe teases, Monica indignantly gripes. Includes approx 3 minutes of candid closing comments. 1080 Full HD, 7 mbps.

Video Duration: 27 minutes

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bondage monica merlot bondage monica merlot bondage monica merlot
bondage monica merlot bondage monica merlot bondage monica merlot
bondage monica merlot bondage monica merlot bondage monica merlot

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