Bondage Squash Match
VeVe Lane vs Samantha Grace
June 2015

samantha grace

samantha grace

Visiting model Samantha Grace eagerly accepts a challenge to face off against rope-tie-wrestling fiend VeVe Lane in a bondage wrestling bout. But the ladies' strength and skill difference is so extreme it turns out to be an absolute squash match!

Once the ladies hit the mats after opening comments, VeVe deftly out-maneuvers Samantha and scores a double elbow tie super early on (much to Samantha's surprise!). But that's only the beginning. As Samantha attempts to struggle away, VeVe traps her ankles too and continues to add more and more rope, soon rendering her virtually immobile. Samantha's quite stuck as VeVe binds her into a tight and complex hogtie, adding many reinforcing ropes over Sam's arms, accentuating chest ropes, a hair rope to pull her head back, and finally a ball gag to finish off.

After victory posing over her latest catch, VeVe then leaves Samantha to attempt an escape. But with a tie like that, Sam's definitely not going anywhere!

Total running time: 20 minutes
Includes opening comments and candid closing comments.

Final Tie: Hogtie (wrists, elbows, ankles bound. Knees NOT bound), chest ropes, hair rope, many reinforcement ropes at arms and ankles, Ball Gag.
HD 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane

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