VeVe Lane vs Shortstop
Female Bondage Wrestling
February 2024

VeVe vs Shortstop

VeVe takes on a new, very eager and very high-spirited bondage wrestling challenger in Shortstop! Shortstop is fresh onto the wrestling scene, and she's forging her way forward especially in the realm of catfighting. She's heard of VeVe's bondage wrestling prowess, and she's fearlessly excited to try out this new challenge.

Shortstop is a fierce and solid 5'4" and 180 lbs., and she won't submit to VeVe's ropes unless she has absolutely no choice! She wriggles, struggles, and grits it out, managing to escape many of VeVe's "sweeter, gentler" ties. She throws out many of her own rope attacks too, turning this bondage wrestling match into a marathon -- and, of course, making it harder on herself in the long run!

After a long, sweaty, and exhausting struggle, Shortstop is finally roped into a punishing chicken-wing hogtie. VeVe pops a big, red ball gag into her mouth, strikes a victory pose, and leaves her to struggle. But after such a fierce fight and a tight bind Shortstop is going nowhere -- she can only tap for mercy.

A long and scrappy bondage wrestling battle with the ladies in bra & panties. Finale includes tying, gagging, victory pose, and a brief struggle, no extended punishment round. Includes opening and closing comments. 1080 Full HD.

Full Video Duration: 41 minutes

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