VeVe Lane vs Sunshine
Bondage Squash Match
March 2018

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

The ropes are finally back out on the mats for 2018 as VeVe greets visiting wrestler Sunshine for a bondage bout! Sunshine was part of the FetCon 8-Way match in August 2017, where the competitors all teamed-up to take VeVe down. But now, our guest must face VeVe alone... and that result is quite different indeed: poor Sunshine falls helplessly into VeVe's clutches in what turns out to be a bondage squash match!

VeVe moves in quickly, aiming to bind and immobilize Sunshine as fast as possible. Sunshine is stunned by VeVe's neat and rapid rope-work, and she finds herself intricately bound and (gently) flattened before she even knows what happened. And it all starts with a rather uncomfortable crotch rope... Sunshine banters with VeVe throughout, but that doesn't slow VeVe down one bit; no amount of playful complaining will stop the ropes.

VeVe binds Sunshine into a hogtie as soon as she can, adding more rope, teasing, playfully tormenting, and, at last ball gagging her bound guest. So tightly bound and gagged, Sunshine has no hope of struggling or escaping. VeVe taunts Sunshine for her utter helplessness and then enjoys a victory pose.

Total running time: 16 minutes

Final Tie: Hogtie w/ crotch rope and chest rope, Ball Gag. Includes candid closing comments. ** Includes some close-up views of Sunshine's bare feet (mostly soles) while she is bound. 4 mbps.

** Also available in a 2-Match Set with "Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Indica." (see below)

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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1. Bon Squash Match: VeVe vs Sunshine
2. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Indica

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