VeVe Lane vs Vika
Female Bondage Wrestling
March 2017

Bondage Wrestling

Bondage Wrestling

Vika first met VeVe last summer, when they both participated in our "8-Way Free-For-All Bondage Mayhem!" match (listed here). However, during that 8-Way, Vika and VeVe didn't get much chance to tangle together amidst the chaos. And so now, on her visit to New York City, Vika gets an opportunity to face off against the devilish rope-demon VeVe all alone in an official one-on-one bondage wrestling match!

Vika is tall and glamorous, and even though her only previous bondage wrestling experience was last year's 8-Way, she's a feisty young lady who's full of non-stop struggle. She puts up her best efforts against VeVe's relentless rope attacks, continuing to squirm, gasp, groan, banter, and valiantly resist as VeVe rushes her and binds limb after limb.

VeVe gradually binds Vika's arms behind her back with her tricky shoulder harness method, she binds Vika's ankles, crotch ropes her, knee binds her, and, to complete Vika's immobilized indignation, VeVe pulls her into a tight ball tie. Utterly stuck, Vika huffs and complains while VeVe teases and spanks her before finally shutting her up with a ball gag (though stubborn Vika continues to groan and murmur regardless!). After victory posing, VeVe gives Vika a few minutes to attempt an escape, but, despite her struggles, it is immediately clear Vika has NO chance of getting out whatsoever. VeVe simply laughs at her and savors an encore victory pose over the wriggling, defeated, and splendidly bound Vika.

Total running time: 24 minutes

Both women wear bikinis. Final Tie: Ball Tie w/ crotch rope & arms behind back. Ball Gag w/ black ball. Includes opening and candid closing comments.
1280x720, 3.5 mbps

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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