Savannah Fox

Savannah Fox's Pantyhose Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling Domination
May 2014

Savannah Fox

Savannah Fox

Decked out in sheer black pantyhose and a thong leotard, Savannah "Big Booty" Fox locks up with Diablo in this mixed wrestling fantasy bout.

As the two tangle gracefully on the mats, Savannah gains the upper hand and wraps her nylon-clad legs around Diablo as much as she can to keep him under control. She catches him with body scissors, tight head scissors, cross-body pins, and crucifixes. In fact, she grabs and traps him with her legs whenever she can, inventing some hold variations of her own.

The match starts out slowly and smoothly, with an almost sensual tone as Diablo eyes are drawn to Savannah's nylons. But Savannah goes on to show just how dangerous her legs can be, taking advantage of the distraction and wrestling him into painful holds. She laughs as she traps him, taunting him playfully as she squeezes him harder.

After a last crushing body scissors, Savannah concludes with a foot on chest pose and then leaves him to stew.

Total running time: 16 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Smooth rolling fantasy domination style wrestling. No tap-outs, but rather transitions between long holds at Savannah's desire.

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Savannah Fox Savannah Fox Savannah Fox
Savannah Fox Savannah Fox Savannah Fox
Savannah Fox Savannah Fox Savannah Fox

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