VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane

Sensei Seeks Revenge
VeVe, John, Thrash, Hanz
December 2014

VeVe Lane

VeVe Lane

In this endurance-testing judo scenario, judoka VeVe must defend her honor against the vengeance-seeking Sensei Thrash and his dojo posse!

In the previous video "Judo Job Interview," VeVe humiliated Sensei Thrash by defeating him and two of his colleagues. But now Thrash has recruited Big John, the judo state champion, into his crew, and together Thrash, John, and Hanz pay judoka VeVe a surprise visit...

VeVe politely greets the 3 judo men and accepts their offer to fight Big John. But as tough and arrogant as he is, Big John is in for a surprise of his own. VeVe easily manhandles the champion, throwing him over and over, and not letting him score a single throw of his own. Outraged, Hanz steps in to take over - only to be tossed continuously, losing every fall to the petite lady judoka.

Sensei Thrash becomes annoyed and calls on John for back up, and the two men face VeVe together. They come at her, one after the other, in an attempt to wear her down. But VeVe is always ready to jump up and throw the next attacker, never missing a beat. Finally, Hanz joins back in, making it three against one. VeVe smiles pleasantly at the challenge, taking on each man one after the other. And continuously throwing them as they come forward.

After so much exertion and so many hard landings, the men begin to tire. VeVe locks them into submission holds after her throws, draining their energy even further. Finally, the men are so exhausted that they can barely move.

VeVe gives them a break and goes to change her attire, switching her gi jacket out for a lingerie top. She berates the men for being so pathetic, belittling them until they climb groggily back to their feet to attack her again. But VeVe once again handles them with ease, throwing them one after the other, and punishing them with submission holds... sometimes submitting 2 men at once, or even all 3 at once.

Finally then men are totally spent and can no longer move. VeVe drags them along and piles them up in the center of the mat, where she strikes a series of victory poses over the trio of defeated judo men. Better luck next time, boys!

Total running time: 40 minutes
High Def. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps

One-sided athletic judo domination.
VeVe wears black pantyhose, black thong, black gi jacket and belt. Later changes jacket for lingerie top.
Throws include uchi mata, foot sweeps, hip throws, shoulder throws, tomoe nage, wrist throws. Holds include armbar, mounted triangle, head scissors, shoulder lock, etc.

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VeVe Lane VeVe Lane VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane VeVe Lane VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane VeVe Lane VeVe Lane

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