Shauna Ryanne

Shauna's Pantyhose Domination
Shauna Ryanne and Diablo
February 2015

Sporting a shiny leotard and flesh-tone pantyhose, Shauna Ryanne puts Diablo through his paces in this teasing and tormenting mixed wrestling domination display.

Distracted by Shauna's smooth, nylon-clad legs and her enthralling, dominant personality, Diablo can offer little resistance as Shauna works him over with a variety of her favorite, painful wrestling holds. Shauna moves smoothly and playfully through her holds, changing position as she pleases. As she holds him, she coyly offers Diablo chances to touch, stroke, and admire her legs... but once he's docile and mesmerized, she cranks on the pain.

Enjoying her dominance, Shauna speaks playfully throughout, commenting on each hold, belittling Diablo, and laughing at how uselessly compliant his pantyhose obsession has made him.

Shauna's holds include: arm locks, shoulder locks, body scissors, head scissors, triangles, grapevine pins, cross-body pins, mounted pins, choke holds, and an indian deathlock variation. Finally, Shauna covers Diablo's head with an extra pair of pantyhose, sits on his belly, and smothers him with her lovely, nylon-clad foot.

Total running time: 22 minutes

Totally one-sided domination, minimal resistance. No Tap Outs; Shauna changes holds when she desires.
High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Shauna Ryanne Shauna Ryanne Shauna Ryanne
Shauna Ryanne Shauna Ryanne Shauna Ryanne
Shauna Ryanne Shauna Ryanne Shauna Ryanne

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