The First NYC Wresting Showcase on Video
Filmed on January 23-24, 2010
6 Super Fights & 3 Bonus Matches
The DVD Compilation

This is the multi-DVD compilation of the 6 Super Fight matches that took place at the first NYC Wrestling Showcase on January 23, 2010, as well as 3 bonus mixed matches that were not part of the original Showcase schedule.

Matches are all three 5-minute rounds (except VeVe vs Brooklyn Surfer, which is two 5-minute rounds).

The Showcase matches span 3 separate DVDs. Each DVD contains three 15-minute matches (disc 3 contains two 15 min matches and one 10 min match). You can purchase all 3 DVDs together, or you can purchase each DVD individually, or as a combination of any two DVDs (see below for ordering options).

Here's the match break down by disc:
Disc 1
1. Kim of Italy vs The Bulk (competitive mixed) Download Available
2. Veronica Vicious vs Lex (competitive mixed) Download Available
3. VeVe Lane vs Jenny Sjodin (competitive female) Download Available
Disc 2
4. Amazon Annie vs Brooklyn Surfer (mixed scissor wrestling) Download Available
5. Miss Juliette vs Veronica Vicious (competitive female) Download Available
6. Jenny Sjodin vs Kim of Italy (competitive female) Download Available
Disc 3
7. VeVe Lane vs Brooklyn Surfer (competitive mixed)
8. Kim vs Jay (competitive mixed) Download Available
9. VeVe vs Ben (competitive mixed) Download Available

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Kim of Italy vs The Bulk Veronica vs Lex Image Not Available VeVe Lane vs Jenny Sjodin
Jenny Sjodin vs Kim of Italy Veronica Vicious vs Miss Juliette Amazon Annie vs Brooklyn Surfer
VeVe vs Brooklyn Surfer Image Not Available Kim of Italy vs Jay

No longer available.

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