VeVe Lane

Skin Diver Girl Rumble!
VeVe Lane and Tomiko
August 2014

Skin Diver Girl Rumble

Skin Diver Girl Rumble

As special agent VeVe prepares to head out on an aquatic mission, enemy agent Tomiko ambushes VeVe in her hotel room. VeVe's preparations are cut short, and she's soon forced into a fight for her life! ... with a nod to madcap 1960s-style action!

The ladies lock up in finger lock grips and soon hit the ground, struggling to control each other with scrappy holds, feet in the face, body striking, chokeholds, arm locks, and even camel clutches, bear hugging, and a fireman's carry airplane spin. Just as Tomiko thinks she has VeVe subdued, she reaches for her diveknife to finish the job - but VeVe leaps back into action, pulling her own diveknife from its hiding place. Now these two skin diver girls rumble in "West Side Story" style!

The skin diving agents circle and jab, dodging, slashing, locking up and then breaking apart as they duel with their diveknives (approx 6 minutes). At last, VeVe seizes an opportunity and finishes her opponent, leaving Tomiko sprawled face-up on the furniture and herself free to continue her mission.

Total running time: 13 minutes

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
All fighting is fantasy style. Slightly zany. VeVe wears black micro thong bikini, black swim cap, dive mask on top of head. Tomiko wears bikini and dive mask on top of head. Diveknives are retractable plastic props.

Selected Screen Stills:
Skin Diver Girl Skin Diver Girl Skin Diver Girl
Skin Diver Girl Skin Diver Girl Skin Diver Girl
Skin Diver Girl Skin Diver Girl Skin Diver Girl

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