VeVe Lane
Indra, Female Session Wrestler
Jade Indica
Savannah Fox
Athena, Female Session Wrestler

Slave Revolt!
VeVe, Indra, Jade, Savannah, Athena, ShaSha
July 2014



Mistress VeVe and Mistress Indra have captured a new collection of girls (ShaSha, Savannah Fox, Jade Indica, and Athena - a good catch indeed!) for their upcoming underground slave auction. The mistresses have hogtied and tape gagged their tender little bikini-clad prizes, expecting to sell each girl for a handsome sum at the auction.

VeVe and Indra carefully inspect their merchandise. The four hogtied ladies gag-mumble in protest and squirm on the floor as the mistresses assess them, prod them, and verbally harass them. After looking their girls over and fantasizing about a big pay day, the mistresses head out to warm up the crowd for the auction.

But the captive girls aren't content to wait around so helplessly! With the mistresses gone, the girls gag-mumble to each other, squirming around in their attempts to untie themselves. With a little cooperation and team work, they position themselves to help untie each other. After several minutes, the girls finally free themselves and plot their revenge...

When VeVe and Indra return, their former captives spring out of hiding and wrestle the astonished mistresses to the floor! Outnumbered and overpowered, the mistresses are helpless to resist, and they struggle uselessly as the girls grab them, pin them, and start tying them up! The girls laugh cruelly as they work, hungry for revenge and having no need to be gentle. They bind the squirming VeVe and Indra in hogties... complete with tape gags! Oh, the indignity!

The girls gleefully remove VeVe's skirt and Indra's boots, enjoying themselves by poking and prodding the bound mistresses, rolling them around, harassing them, assessing them, and preparing them for the auction!

With the tables turned, the girls spend several minutes taunting their former mistresses and constantly reminding them of their new peril. Finally content, the girls leave the mistresses alone to struggle and gag-grumble... in anticipation of the auction to come!

Total running time: 23 minutes

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
All classic hogties with duct tape gags.

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Slave Revolt Slave Revolt Slave Revolt
Slave Revolt Slave Revolt Slave Revolt
Slave Revolt Slave Revolt Slave Revolt

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