Spider-Man Showdown: Diablo & Joe
Fantasy Fight and Bondage Wrestle
February 2021

diablo and joe

diablo and joe

It's Spiderman! And... it's Spiderman?! Two Spideys on the scene! But who's the real webslinger? Or maybe both are real? Or neither? It's a Spiderman Showdown.

This video is composed of 2 unrelated parts:

Part 1: Fight (7:30): Both Spidermen are shocked to see each other, but they jump right into dueling. They go through several brief phases in their fight: trading punches and kicks (very brief, fantasy style), fingerlock test of strength (pressing close, body to body, pulling away, making each other's knees buckle, pushing each other into the wall), bearhugs and bearhug lifts, and mounted throat grabbing, until one Spidey emerges victorious.

Part 2: Bondage Wrestle (11 minutes): Spidey #1 discovers a mysterious pile or ropes on the ground. And while he's distracted, Spidey #2 sneaks up and ropes Spidey #1 into a bondage wrestling battle.

The two Spidermen tussle and tangle as they try to tie each other up. Until -- at last! -- one of the Spidermen binds the other into a hogtie. The victorious Spidey proudly circles his bound opponent and then concludes with a victory pose.

Bigger Spiderman = Diablo
Smaller Spiderman = Joe

Stylized Fantasy Fighting. No speaking -- instead we hear the gasps and groans of exertion and the swishing of spandex on spandex. Part 2 final hogtie is functional, but not tidy. ** The Spiderman suits are a bodysuit with a separate hood.

* Note *: At the end of Part 2, the neck edge of the victorious Spidey's head piece flips up slightly. It doesn't expose skin, but it does show the white-ish back side of the suit's fabric at the lower neck for the final moments. This is not major, but we wanted to note it.

Video Duration: 18 minutes

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diablo and joe diablo and joe diablo and joe
diablo and joe diablo and joe diablo and joe
diablo and joe diablo and joe diablo and joe

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