Rachel DD
Rachel DD
VeVe Lane

SuperGirl Rachel Overpowered!
Rachel DD and VeVe Lane
July 2014

Rachel DD

Rachel DD

In this fantasy bout, SuperGirl Rachel squares off for combat against evil villainess VeVe. But our dear heroine immediately finds herself incredibly out-matched and totally overpowered!

The evil VeVe grabs SuperGirl Rachel and pins her up against the wall, punching her repeatedly in the belly and chest, taunting her, and attacking her "S" symbol. VeVe then throws SuperGirl to the ground and punishes her with prolonged ab claws and chest claws, full nelsons and body scissors, rear bear hugs, the lotus lock and bow and arrow hold, belly punching, mounted and grapevine pins, and wrestling holds that stretch her body and emphasize her busty chest beneath her "S" symbol. In fact, VeVe even focuses her attacks on SuperGirl Rachel's "S" symbol, laughing at how her super shield cannot protect her.

Poor SuperGirl Rachel suffers through the attacks, and she is absolutely powerless to resist. She groans in pain and suffers helplessly in the villainess's clutches, with each attack on her buxom chest and "S" symbol weakening her more and more. VeVe finally finishes off SuperGirl Rachel with one last, pressing chest claw and then concludes with a foot-on-chest victory pose.

Total running time: 31 minutes

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Shiny superheroines, total one-sided domination. Fantasy-style punches (light contact). Rachel DD in Super suit, VeVe in black thong leotard, fishnet tights, black wrestling boots.

Selected Screen Stills:
Rachel DD Rachel DD Rachel DD
Rachel DD Rachel DD Rachel DD
Rachel DD Rachel DD Rachel DD

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