VeVe Lane

Super Mutiny Weakened and Bound!
Mutiny and VeVe Lane
August 2014

Mutiny and VeVe lane

Mutiny and VeVe Lane

As SuperGirl Mutiny arrives to confront her nemesis Evil VeVe, VeVe reveals a wicked surprise: kryptonite-threaded ropes! Super Mutiny is horrified to be faced by her ultimate weakness, and Evil VeVe moves in to bind up our heroine once and for all!

With her strength quickly failing, Super Mutiny cries out and struggles, but all to no avail - rope expert Evil VeVe is on her in a flash. There's no escape for our poor heroine as VeVe pins her down, locks her in wrestling holds, and begins binding her with the detestable krypto-ropes. And Evil VeVe takes her time with the binding, toying with her suffering foe and utterly enjoying Super Mutiny's pathetic, useless resistance. VeVe cruelly taunts and harasses our heroine as she grows weaker and weaker with each passing minute...

VeVe eventually binds Super Mutiny into a modified hogtie. Now her weak, immobilized body is completely at Evil VeVe's mercy. In terrible pain and reduced to a humiliated state, Super Mutiny can do nothing more than beg for release. VeVe gloats, admires her work, and tortures Mutiny with tight headscissors as she seductively explains how she would love to keep Mutiny as her own. Now so extremely weak, Super Mutiny can only gasp and despair as VeVe poses over her in sadistic triumph. She then leaves Mutiny to suffer, krypto-bound, helpless, and alone...

Total running time: 19 minutes

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Super Mutiny attempts resistance, but her weakness increases exponentially over course of video. Attempts verbal resistance until too weak. Continuous villainous verbal from Evil VeVe. Final Tie: ankles bound, knees bound, elbows bound behind back, chest rope, ankles hogtie bound to elbows (wrists are not bound). No Gag.

Selected Screen Stills:
Mutiny and VeVe Lane Mutiny and VeVe Lane Mutiny and VeVe Lane
Mutiny and VeVe Lane Mutiny and VeVe Lane Mutiny and VeVe Lane
Mutiny and VeVe Lane Mutiny and VeVe Lane Mutiny and VeVe Lane

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