Super Strength Public Service Announcement
VeVe Lifts Superman
March 2021

veve lane and diablo

veve lane and diablo

Concerned citizen VeVe Lane hijacks your local TV news channel to bring you an important Public Service Announcement. Too many people have been underestimating her strength... and in ways that always lead to disaster. And so, VeVe has "recruited" a genuine superhero -- the Man of Steel himself! -- to help illuminate her audience.

With Superman slung casually over her shoulders in various ways throughout, VeVe discusses the issues she's been having as an average, everyday women who just happens to be physically stronger than all of the local superheroes. She describes her fantastical feats of strength and rolls her eyes as she talks about the ridiculously macho men who keep challenging her to fights -- men who sadly only wind up getting hurt when she's unable to adjust her strength to their measly levels. And that includes men who just happen to be well-known superheroes...

Speaking of which: Superman! Now, Superman wasn't exactly keen to be hoisted up over this civilian woman's shoulders. So, unfortunately for the Man of Steel, VeVe had to rough him up a little before going on the air. Her message was just that important. And so, Superman is dazed and subdued, totally out of it, a sack of potatoes for VeVe to lift and carry as she pleases.

In fact, VeVe even places her sack-of-potatoes Superman onto a scale to weigh him and show the audience just how much weight she's carrying around while making her speech (answer: 197 lbs / 89 kg).

VeVe holds Superman in these ways: over the shoulder ("captive" style), fireman's carry, shoulder ride. She switches between lifts as she goes, setting Superman down and hoisting him anew for each change. But each lifted hold is prolonged, some lasting for several minutes as VeVe talks casually. And, at last, VeVe signs off with the hope that her message has gotten out there and that everyone -- average citizens and superheroes alike -- stop pestering her with such unfortunate underestimation!

Video Duration: 13 minutes

1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7 mbps. Stationary camera, with occasional angle changes to keep lifts in the full frame. Full body angle the whole time. VeVe primarily stands in one spot as she holds Superman and speaks. Superman = Diablo.

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veve and diablo veve and diablo veve and diablo

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