Super Vika Captured! Superheroine Damsel in Distress
with Vika and Hanz
March 2017

vika bondage

vika bondage

Super Vika has just gotten home after a long night of crime fighting, and the last thing she expects is yet another villainous goon lying in wait in her very own bedroom! The crook sneak attacks her, but our heroine is still ALMOST able to fight him off with her superior powers...until he pulls a dirty trick and puts her out of commission with a poisoned dart! The thug ropes up Vika's wrists and ankles and triumphantly carries her off to deliver to his boss.

Vika revives to find herself in a mysterious hideout, very thoroughly tied to a chair. Her ankles, knees, and arms are bound; she's chest-roped, crotch-roped, and neck-roped, and she's been silenced with a big, red ballgag! Even worse, the boss of the crime gang pays a visit to threaten his lovely new captive and fondle her helpless, bound body. But when he leaves her to wear herself out in her bonds, Vika has other ideas. After a stretch of futile struggling, she finally begins to make progress, unwinds her ropes, and prepares to take her revenge...when the boss's strongman drops her with another sneak attack!

This time Vika is bound still more tightly, held upright on her knees by a rope fastened to the ceiling and gagged with a harness ballgag. The boss returns again to strip the mask from our defeated heroine and further threaten, grope, and humiliate her. When he leaves her alone this time, she is too worn down for escape -- she can only squirm feebly and drool through her gag until she finally slumps exhausted in her ropes.

Total running time: 31 minutes

Vika wears shiny tan pantyhose, leotard, wide belt, gloves, knee-high boots, and a domino mask. Extended bondage scenes. Camera angles include many wide front views of Vika bound and occasional closer shots of her gagged face.

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vika bondage vika bondage vika bondage
vika bondage vika bondage vika bondage
vika bondage vika bondage vika bondage

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