Sweetie Dreams

Sweetie Dreams vs Bella Rush
Competitive Female Wrestling
January 2018

female wrestling

female wrestling

The powerful and intimidating bad-girl heavyweight wrestler Bella Rush roars into town for a day of competitive submission wrestling against local up-and-comers. Bella's first opponent of the day is the sassy and smiley Sweetie Dreams. This match is fully competitive with a 5-minute Punishment Round for the loser.

Sweetie and Bella are similar in size (5'7" / 225 lbs and 5'9" / 220 lbs, respectively), but while Sweetie's been wrestling for 2 years, Bella's been wrestling for 5 years. Sweetie is the underdog in this fight, but she brings all she's got to the match. Bella has the definite edge in strength, power, and wrestling experience, but Sweetie stands her ground respectably and even pulls out some surprises that keep Bella alert and on her toes.

Dynamic and athletic. Both ladies work hard throughout and pushing each other. Sweetie strives to prove herself in this tough challenge, while Bella brings on her physical power and aggressive presence. Includes opening and closing comments. Two 9-minute wrestling rounds. Punishment Round holds includes: neck grab, rear triangle, facesitting, armbar, handsmothering.

Sweetie: 5'7" and 225 lbs.
Bella: 5'9" and 220 lbs.

Total running time: 27 minutes
1280x720, 4 mbps

*** Also available in a 2-Match Set with "Ursa vs Bella Rush" (see below)

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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

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1. Sweetie vs Bella Rush
2. Ursa vs Bella Rush

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