Sweetie Dreams
Rachel DD
Rachel DD

Sweetie Dreams vs Rachel DD
Competitive Female Wrestling
February 2017

female Wrestling

female Wrestling

Neither Sweetie Dreams nor Rachel DD expected to be fighting each other this day, but when a previous set of competitors couldn't make it to the studio, Sweetie and Rachel stepped up for a last-minute competitive match together. It's a size mismatch for sure, with Sweetie towering over Rachel by 4 inches and out-weighing her by almost 100 lbs. But Rachel's a courageous wrestler who won't back down, no matter how difficult the odds. And though Sweetie is still a novice, Rachel will need to stay tough to survive this challenge.

This match video features opening comments, a warm-up isometric "plank" contest, 15-minute submission wrestling match with all submissions allowed (including smothers), 5-minute Punishment Round for the loser, and closing comments. The Punishment Round features the winner performing her favorite holds on the loser, unresisted, to make the loser tap out.

Though Rachel meets this challenge with heart, Sweetie proves to be too much for her to handle. Sweetie shrugs off and counters Rachel's signature headlock attacks and answers with inescapable submission attacks of her own, primarily including neck-grabbing and smothering. Punishment Round holds include smothering, scissorholds, and a camel clutch (to all of which the loser submits fairly quickly), plus a victory pose.

Sweetie 5'8" and 220 lbs.
Rachel: 5'4" and 120 lbs.

Total running time: 27 minutes
Includes opening & closing comments, match, Punishment round

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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

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