veve lane
Rachel DD

Terrible Trouble with Toe Biting!
VeVe Lane and Rachel DD
Filmed October 2015

Toe Biting

Toe Biting

When VeVe visits her friend Rachel for a workout one day, she has no idea what lies ahead! The ladies begin chatting during their warm-up, pointing and stretching their bare feet toward the camera. But as VeVe excitedly tells Rachel about her new boyfriend, Rachel begins to think Prince Charming sounds too familiar...

While she's holding VeVe's feet for sit-ups, Rachel sneakily leans in and takes a big bite of VeVe's pretty, purple-polished baby toe! That's what she gets for stealing Rachel's boyfriend! Rachel lunges in to continue the punishment. At first VeVe -- between yelps and howls of pain -- tries to reason with her vengeful friend, but soon it's clear her only choice is to fight back. She grabs hold of Rachel's foot and sinks her teeth in!

Now the fight is on, and the ladies scramble after each others' feet, wrestling and rolling over and over, chomping down every chance they get, and yelling in fear that that their own toes will get bitten off completely! Finally, Rachel manages to gain the upper hand, forcing VeVe to wail out her submission.

Total running time: 22 minutes

Both ladies wear super-short workout shorts; on top, VeVe wears a leotard and Rachel wears sports bra and tank top. Fantasy wrestling.

HD1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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toe biting toe biting toe biting
toe biting toe biting toe biting
toe biting toe biting toe biting

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