Ursa Fierce vs Lana Luxor
Competitive Female Wrestling
June 2019

Ursa and Lana

Ursa and Lana

Ursa and Lana have been looking for an opportunity to face off on the mats for quite a while. They've been keeping an eye on each other, curious to test each other in a fully competitive match. And now, the opportunity has arrived!

Tenacious BBW wrestler Ursa does not train formally, but she practices weekly with her wrestling friends, and she comes into this match with a 90-lb weight advantage. Meanwhile, strong and leggy grappler Lana was recently promoted to blue belt at her jiujitsu school, where she trains very regularly, sparring with opponents of varying sizes. Lana is always eager to test herself against larger female opponents, and so...

The match is tense. Lana knows she does not want to be underneath Ursa, so when she works her way on top, she makes sure to stay there. Ursa hates being pinned down, so she struggles hard to get out from under Lana's top pressure. But Lana is cool and confident, unperturbed by Ursa's struggles. Ursa puts up a commendable (and expressive) resistance, escaping where she can and trying to hold Lana down, but Lana remains perpetually composed, moving gracefully, tipping Ursa over, and attacking continually.

Two 10-minute rounds. Submission Wrestling. 5-minute Punishment Round for the loser. A hot and steamy day in mid June.
The (sweaty) Punishment Round includes: headscissors, Camel Clutch, Lotus Lock, facesitting, taunting, victory pose.

Ursa: 5'5" and 242 lbs.
Lana: 5'7" and 150 lbs.

Total running time: 33 minutes

Includes opening and closing comments. Competitive but turned out one-sided against struggling resistance. Full concentration on the physical: minimal talking during the match itself. Ursa wears full bottom bikini, Lana wears thong bikini

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ursa and lana ursa and lana ursa and lana
ursa and lana ursa and lana ursa and lana
ursa and lana ursa and lana ursa and lana

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