VeVe Lane vs Brigit Heart
Competitive Female Wrestling
January 2024

VeVe vs Brigit Heart

We warmly welcome NYC wrestler Brigit Heart for her video debut on the Doom Maidens mats! And what better way to start the day than a match against the Doom Ringleader herself, VeVe Lane?!

Brigit is fit and adventurous, and she genuinely loves wrestling and body entanglement. However, she has no formal grappling training and she's actually a bit smaller than submission-huntress VeVe. So, this match promises to be a tough one for her. But she's excited nonetheless, and she's determined to give it her best!

VeVe comes in with relentless offensive pressure, but also with graceful physical control and finesse. Brigit tries to keep up and follow VeVe's movements, struggling to resist as best she can, but she quickly finds herself pinned down and bewildered by VeVe's strength and dominant expertise.

VeVe smiles in amusement as she wraps Brigit up in a variety of submission holds, while Brigit herself is amazed at how easily VeVe can control her on the mats. But despite her difficulties, Brigit stays positive and energetic, and she just keeps trying, no matter what -- even as VeVe runs up the scoreboard. And then to follow, Brigit finds herself on the receiving end of her first ever Punishment Round. Welcome to the Doom Mats, Brigit!

Brigit: 5'3" and 120 lbs.
VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.

Submission wrestling. Two 10-minute rounds. This match winds up as a competitive squash match. Includes opening and closing comments. 5-minute Punishment Round includes: RNC, headscissors, armbar, feet in the face, school girl pin, facesitting, victory posing. 1080 Full HD.

Full Video Duration: 32 minutes

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