VeVe vs Choco Thunder
Competitive Mixed Wrestling (Challenger Series)
September 2021

VeVe Lane's mixed Challenger Series is back! Now including submission wrestling! For the "Challenger Series" matches, VeVe posted an announcement looking for "regular guys" from out in the crowd to step up and take her on on video. Candid and competitive. And here we present the first challenger match to kick off our 2021 edition:

veve mvs choco thunder

veve mvs choco thunder

VeVe Lane (125 lbs) vs Choco Thunder (295 lbs). The Petite Powerhouse vs the Bulldozer!

Choco Thunder is a boxer who started training in submission wrestling about a year ago. He's watched VeVe's wrestling matches for years and was curious to try his luck against her. Choco is a gentleman both on and off the mats, but when it comes to competition, he comes in looking to win.

Choco has a considerable size and strength advantage, but VeVe is accustomed to wrestling larger opponents (and Choco is her 3rd-largest opponent ever). Choco gives VeVe a tough time as he tries to hold her down, but VeVe is not intimidated and proves difficult to fully control. Even when she's on the bottom, she stays active and physically aggressive. In fact, Choco finds it exhausting to hold her down.

And any moment VeVe seizes the advantage, you can bet she grabs that advantage tenaciously! When she attacks, she attacks relentlessly, knowing full well not to let her big opponent to get his bearings or catch his breath. And since Choco's arms are so strong, VeVe discovers that his neck is the best place to target her submission attacks...

Both opponents work hard and give it their all, to the best of their abilities, both getting sweaty and breathing heavily! And in the very end, the winner subjects the loser to a sweaty Punishment Round of feet on the face, with a little facesitting and headscissors, and, of course, a sweat-drenched victory pose.

Spoiler (Highlight to see text):
... Tenacious VeVe emerges with the victory! ...
VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Choco: 5'11" and 295 lbs.

Two 10-minute rounds. Most submissions wins. 5-minute Punishment Round. Includes opening comments and candid closing comments. VeVe wears a thong leotard. 1080 Full HD.

Video Duration: 31 minutes

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veve vs choco veve vs choco veve vs choco
veve vs choco veve vs choco veve vs choco
veve vs choco veve vs choco veve vs choco

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