Wrestling Domination Clinic: Part 3: The Triangle
VeVe Lane and Diablo
February 2019

Wrestling and dominating men may be second nature for veterans like VeVe, but there are countless ladies out there with untapped potential for beating down men -- and tons of (all) men needing to be put in their places. And so VeVe is introducing the Wrestling Domination Clinic -- a useful tutorial for newcomer ladies looking to hone their mixed wrestling skills.

mixed wrestling

In this 3rd edition of the series, VeVe discusses and demonstrates a popular and leggy martial arts move: The Triangle! The Triangle, known in judo as sankaku-jime, is a figure-4 locking of the legs around an opponent's head and one arm. Not only is this a useful trapping position, but it is also a devastating submission hold.

In this presentation, VeVe demonstrates a variety of ways in which the Triangle can be applied -- from the front, rear, side, reverse-facing -- as well as different entries for locking on the hold. Whether she's on top, bottom, off to the side, or behind you, she can find her way to a Triangle. And as she goes through her physical demo on her assistant Diablo, VeVe, in proper Head Mistress FemDom professorial style, discusses the attributes of the hold. She shows how the Triangle is both a powerful move for submission wrestling as well as an elegant hold for domination possibilities: squeeze, smother, tease, and torment as you like.

Includes classic triangle, mounted triangle, achilles triangle, side triangle, rear triangle, and reverse triangle. Whew!

Filmed with stationary camera on tripod. VeVe wears bra and thong panties.
VeVe's previous Clinics are found here: Part 1: Scissors and Part 2: Facesitting

Total running time: 23 minutes

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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