VeVe Lane

Final Temptation: Pantyhose POV Seduction
VeVe Lane
January 2015

VeVe Lane

You are being held captive by a ruthless syndicate of female agents. You've been locked in a small chamber of days (or weeks?), receiving infrequent visits from Agent VeVe, who drops in to tease and torture you with her lustrous nylon-clad legs. Nylons, tights, pantyhose - the essential element of the agents' uniforms... an element their victims find absolutely irresistible...

In this video, Agent VeVe enters to pay you a visit, though this time with a more specific purpose in mind: she's come to give you your final temptation. A final hint of pleasure to lure you to your end. She shows off her toned legs and shining nylons in the stark light, rubbing her legs and speaking seductively to invite you closer.

As she describes the softness of her pantyhose and the hardness of her legs, she moves from standing and posing to sitting in a chair. She kicks off her high heels and tempts you with her legs and feet, warning you how dangerous it would be to touch her strong, powerful legs but knowing you cannot resist. She finally lures you close enough and gently wraps her legs around your neck, smiling as she softly pulses her thighs until the final squeeze...

Total running time: 8 minutes

High Def. Display 1280x720. Bit Rate 4 mbps.
POV from "kneeling" ground level. Primary focus on VeVe's shiny pantyhose-clad legs. VeVe wears slate-grey pantyhose and a black bra. She wears high heel shoes for half the video then removes them. Gentle, seductive, intimate tone.

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VeVe Lane VeVe Lane VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane VeVe Lane VeVe Lane

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