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VeVe Lane

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VeVe Lane vs Ginger Martin
Competitive Female Wrestling
June 2010

veve lane vs ginger martin

Petite Powerhouse VeVe Lane meets up with feisty blonde fitness athlete Ginger Martin for a competitive submission wrestling match. And what an energetic wrestling match it is!

Ginger is a high level figure competitor, and she's totally fit, well-toned, and explosive. She's an athletic and dynamic wrestler with great muscle definition... and she gives VeVe a run for her money in this very physical bout.

These two tough ladies push the pace with Old School competitiveness, tremendous energy, sporty intensity, and determination. VeVe has more formal submission wrestling training, but Ginger is strong and fierce and has great wrestling instincts. A scrappy fight, with submissions to be had. Rough and tumble, and exhausting!

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Ginger: 5'6" and 140 lbs.

Total running time: 26 minutes

Match is three 8-minute rounds (24-minute match). Includes opening comments.
(Though there is a winner, there is no victory pose or punishment round -- this was filmed before we incorporated those)

** Standard Definition ** Display: 640x480. Bit Rate: 3 mbps.
This was filmed on older video equipment.

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veve vs ginger veve vs ginger veve vs ginger
veve vs ginger veve vs ginger veve vs ginger
veve vs ginger veve vs ginger veve vs ginger

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