VeVe's Intense Pump-Up Workout
Oiled Lifting and Flexing
May 2021

veve lane

veve lane

VeVe steps into her gym ready for a hard and heavy workout. She's already oiled up and gleaming and seriously psyched up to get her pump on.

She throws herself right into it with sets of push-ups and Romanian deadlifts, pushing herself with high reps and high weights to get warmed up fast. Between sets she flexes and checks out her muscular arms, already beginning to show the pump, but she never stops for long.

It's on to pull-ups, one-arm rows, chest flyes, and biceps curls with both barbell and dumbbells. As she gets deeper into her workout, VeVe's intensity keeps growing. She curses with effort and excitement as she pushes herself harder. She strains, grimaces, and growls as she grits out one more rep at the end of her sets. And in between she revels in admiring her body, flexing just as a hard as she lifts, punching her rock-hard biceps and pecs, showing off her sculpted chest and back and the veins standing out in her powerful, vascular arms.

As she reaches the climax of her workout, VeVe pours all her final effort into her arms with set after set of exhausting biceps curls. She roars triumphantly as she pushes out the last reps, and as she takes her final poses, her muscles are trembling with the exertion and the exultation of her intense pump-up.

VeVe wears a thong leotard, fishnet tights, and combat boots.

Video Duration: 26 minutes

Exercises and camera angles are focused on the upper body. 1920x1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7 mbps.

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veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane
veve lane veve lane veve lane

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